Knowledgebase: Understanding the states of your domains

What do the different states of domain mean. E.g. Waiting DNS update or Error

When you first add a domain, you will see its status going through a serious of different states.

It starts out with NEW status, then moves through the build process and will end at 'Waiting DNS Update'

Actions you need to take for some status.


If your domain is showing an error state, it means the build process did not complete correctly. Please put in a ticket to us and we will look in to for it and get it solved.

There are some common reasons this can occur also. One of them is if you add a domain that is not yet registered or you maybe enter a domain name incorrectly with a typo or something. Please check the domain is registered and you do not have any typo in the domain name. Please put in a support ticket if you need our help with anything!


When your domain is showing waiting DNS update status. Its waiting for you to update your namesevers to those shown next to the status in the message column.

Once you update your name serves to those stated, your DNS will start to propogate and our system will detect it and automatically update.

Once your DNS update is detected by our system, your site is then fully active and you will have access to tools such as File Manager etc.

Depending on the DNS and CDN provider you choose when adding the domain. The amount of time it takes for the DNS to resolve to our servers will vary.

For example; Cloudflare is the quickest and usually it will resolve in 5 minutes or less. But for Azure DNS it can take up to 3 hours, sometimes a little longer. If your domain is stuck in the wating dns update state for more than 12 hours, please put in a support ticket so we can investigate and solve any issues for you.


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