Knowledgebase: Using SSL on your websites

How can I add SSL for my websites?

Adding SSL is extremely easy. But its important you do it correctly.

When you first add your domain to our dashboard. You have an option to use https:// with certain providers. Ensure you select this option where needed.

Its very important you do not try to use plugins or other methods to add SSL to your websites. As our system is properly configured to use SSL certificates correctly.

We ensure there are no footprints being created when using SSL certificates. Footprints can easily be created with them. Which is why is only possible to use SSL if you select it when adding your domain. This way we ensure the integrity of your SSL certificates and ensure they are not creating any footprints!

If you add a domain without SSL by accident. Simply delete the domain from inside your control panel and add it again with SSL option ticked.

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