Knowledgebase: Dashboard Oveview

Get a full understanding of how to use our PBN hosting management dashboard.

Watch the PBN Dashboard overview video!

In this video you will learn all the core functions of our Dashboard, including:

  • How to add a domain/website to your account
  • How to swap a domain for another one.
  • How to create/download/upload & restore backups
  • How to access the PHPMyAdmin
  • How to access the File Manager
  • How to select which CDN you require.
  • How to add ssl (https://) to your domain
  • How to deploy with or without the www. Subdomain
  • How to view SEO metrics for your domain
  • How to upgrade/downgrade your package
  • How to update your card details
  • And more!

Watch the video now & get a clear understanding of the core dashboard functions.




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